As important to our skin health as our facial skincare routine, is keeping stress levels at bay. Everyday life, something which Dr. Howard Murad refers to as "cultural stress" plays a vital role in the appearance of our skin, it's performance and well-being.
Combining Reflexology with your Facial Peel treatments, helps to keep you relaxed and thus your skin in the best condition it can be.
We all know the effect's of "cultural stress" in our skin.
  • Indulge over the weekend? The breakout's follow next week...
  • Tired after a busy week at work? Have the under eye dark circles appeared from nowhere and your skin looks flat?
  • Feeling anxious? Suddenly developed lumps and bumps under the skin?
  • Hormonal? Need I say more?...
Reflexology and a Facial Peel from THE PEEL BAR can works work it's magic on your skin, and well-being.
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