When I came to an early crossroad in my life, University or College? The choice was a simple one for me. I chose to train as an Esthetician.
Three decades on, who would have thought that "skin" could have taken me around the globe twice, work with some of the most creative skin care brands in the market and give me an opportunity in freelance TV work. I would never have dreamed it possible.
And so today, my love of the "skin we're in", treating it, talking about it, discovering new products and treatments to make someone feel good about themselves, inspires me on a daily basis.
No two days are the same; today, it could be someone devastated about adult acne when they've never had a blemish in their life, tomorrow someone who only see's droopy eye lids when the look in the mirror..what can they do?
What I aspire to deliver is honest, professional skincare treatments in clinic, or spread the word on how best to treat your individual skin needs. Offering my favourite brands to be purchased in shop.
Life: never a dull skin day!
Sending glowing skin vibes your way,