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The non-surgical solution to lift, tighten and shrink excess skin. Skin tightening technology which is revolutionising the art of providing natural beauty, all without the need of injectables and invasive surgery.

A pulse of "plasmatic lightening" is directed from the probe onto the skin which then superficially sublimates evaporates causing sublimation of the skin and the immediate surrounding area of skin to contract. This contraction tightens the area giving you an incredibly natural and more youthful look.

The results improve over the following months as the skin continues to tighten and firm as the fibroblasts in the skin produce new collagen and elastin.

Please note: For optimum results with fibroblast treatments there is a timeline for healing.

Multiple treatments on a single area may be required to achieve desired results.

Individual results may vary on individuals, dependant on skin type, condition and age.

A face to face consultation is required prior to any treatment where a medical questionnaire and consultation will be completed. Treatment suitability and expectations will be checked and then time given prior to booking so that an individual may make an informed choice in regards to proceeding with the treatment.

Pricing is confirmed once the area(s) for treatment have been discussed and agreed, the shown price is a guideline in regards to pricing starting from..

Results are specific to individuals and should not be compared.

To book a consultation, view our "contact us" page.